By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

Valentine’s Day. A day filled with love, kisses, chocolates, candy and bears. Unless you are me. It’s a day filled with training, honing your titan skills, and endless matches in a closed beta for Titanfall!

My hopes for this game have always been high. Since its earliest emergences in social media, I had my fingers crossed that this, this would be the title to end the rinse and repeat nightmare I have been living in Call of Duty. And this experience all but solidifies those hopes.

I did get the Limited Edition Titanfall Xbox One controller. I figured if I am going to test this out right, then the controller is nothing but appropriate and mandatory! As well as the apple juice and Slim Jims, of course. I may have spoken too soon, as to the level of merchandise they are creating! Tritton Kunai headphones, EarForce, keyboards, Cyborg RAT3 mice, and mouse pads, wrist bands, and apparel are emerging at retailers everywhere.

Training. “If you are good at Call Of Duty, and good at Halo, you are a GOD at Titanfall” -Twitter User. This couldn’t be truer. Although the controls are exactly like any other FPS title, the mechanics and your abilities are not. Double jumping, and parkour maneuvers are introduced, making these maps truly limitless in defense and attack.

Smart weapons have the ability to track live opponents and botted opponents so you no longer have to shout out “AIM BOTS!” Bots are also a new element I have never seen in MP titles before. Each kill on an opponent, minion, or spectre, removes time from the 3 minute waiting period for your Titan. A helpful voice will count down in 30 sec intervals, and let you know when your titan is ready.

Your Titan, an amazing mech machine of kick-ass proportion runs on the same button layout as you do. Call it in and hope it drops on an opponent for an epic kill! There are several different ways you can enter your titan, and if you are not in the mood, you can set it to follow, or guard you, while you perch and snipe. (My personal favorite)

When the game releases March 11, you are going to die. A lot! It’s ok though, TF has you covered. Earn Burn card slots, by leveling up. Burn Cards, are essentially favors, you can stock for your next round, and call in after your death. Modified weapons, cyborg legs, and the OGRE Titan, are just a few perks you can rely on to pick up that KDR! I went from excited, to absolute fan girl of Respawn, and their capabilities, I look forward to seeing their next masterpiece, as this one, already has a shelf in my home, and 10 gigs on my HD!

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