By Aimee Mosco

“Before we choose to incarnate in a physical body, we lay out an intricate plan of what intend to accomplish and experience during the lifetime. We specify with whom we will connect and engage, and we form agreements with other souls…Gratitude + Forgiveness x (Love) = Happiness, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, pg. 13

We are in curious times. We are finding that the ways of the old world have outlived usefulness as we position ourselves to land in the new era termed “the golden age of peace”. Old systems are breaking down to make way for new and anything that does not fit with the principles of the new paradigm is calling for our attention so we can revisit its function and shift it accordingly.

As we stumble through uncharted territory during this unprecedented transition, our relationships are coming into question. Relationships of any kind represent opportunities from which to grow spiritually, so it is fitting to take stock of them as we grow into this new world.

The rules that govern our souls in the new paradigm are different than the rules we have come to know. They are based on the idea that we have expanded our hearts and minds to a point where pain and suffering no longer honor us. We are able to integrate the greatest growth from joy not pain and we will meet our highest spiritual potentials when we are in alignment with happiness.

Many of the relationships we forged in the old paradigm spoke to remarkable growth through trauma and turmoil because that is how we learned most effectively. These relationships were “spiritual set-ups” as a result of soul contracts initiated before we were born into the world. This model is outdated is the new era where love and joy dominate, so old paradigm soul contracts are disintegrating. We are stepping into a realm where we are no longer bound by these spiritual contracts, and relationships result from conscious choice.

The primary purpose of any new paradigm relationship is to fortify joyful learning. If a relationship in question is not fueling happiness in some way, it is out of alignment with Universal order and worth assessing. It is, however, important to understand that our evaluation process must shift for us to make truthful assessments of the value each relationship holds. In the old paradigm, we naturally identified the elements of relationships that caused discomfort because we grew from that. To be in alignment with growth in the new paradigm, we will identify elements of relationships that inspire happiness first, and then determine if that outweighs discomfort to know if the relationship honors greater good.

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