By Denise Ortuno Neil

Tracy Worthington is well rounded in the world of beauty, and with her two successful shops, Wink Lash & Beauty Bar and Just Blow Drys, she is helping to make the Coachella Valley an even more beautiful place.

Worthington is originally from the Coachella Valley, a Palm Springs High girl, she moved away for some time experiencing other places such as San Diego, Houston and eventually Los Angeles for 15 years. She has recently re-discovered our beautiful desert and moved back over a year ago.

Worthington has been cutting her teeth in beauty from the start, becoming well versed in cosmetology and in make artistry. She has worked in many aspects of the business including make-up freelance for photo shoots and in salons.
During her career she would frequently come back to the desert to visit and last year made the final move to live back in the desert full time, and that is when she decided to open her salons.


She wanted to open Wink Lash Beauty Bar with the clear intent to help women with their skincare. The salon focuses on helping women with skincare to influence the way they look and feel about themselves. She is motivated especially by young girls who are setback by their complexion, a reason that she started her own skincare line which is plant based, free from fillers and un-natural substances. “Skin Care is very important to me and I am very passionate about it,” says Worthington. “I want to help people achieve beautiful skin,” she professes. Her salon offers lash extensions, full make-up and facials.

Her inspiration for her Just Blow Drys salon was completely selfish as she puts it. Coming from L.A. she noticed that the Coachella Valley didn’t have a place to go to just get a blow dry without getting your hair completely done. Worthington found the solution by opening her own, no doubt allowing her the benefits of a larger metropolitan area and for us as well. Her salon doesn’t offer cut or color, just wash and blow dry with an added bonus of a relaxing head and neck massage ( only $35 depending on hair length).Worthington’s shops are setup for convenience only two doors apart.

Worthington is a self-admitted workaholic, but she is trying her best to separate herself from her work once in a while enjoying down time with her boyfriend and four dogs. She also enjoys cooking, entertaining and knitting when she has the opportunity to do so.

She is celebrating a year in business for both shops on November 17th. Her future is locked into expanding her business by growing her make-area which has become more popular than originally anticipated. She also has her sights on growing her business in other cities, ultimately touching them with the same beatifying magic that she has done in the Coachella Valley.

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