While at San Diego Comic-Con, I was lucky enough to score a pair of Tritton Kunai universal headsets at the Mad Catz Reveal party. So, I decided to do a product review, since this is my first pair of universal headsets.
The initial presentation of the Tritton Kunai is clean. The box features an image of the headsets on front, and one clear panel to show the headset itself on the right side. When you open the box, you see the headsets, individually packaged component cables, and some stickers from Tritton, and Mad Catz WOO!
The headset is shiny, candy apple red, with a removable mic, that locks into place, which earned Tritton double bonus points, since it prevents more wear on the connecting piece than one that doesn’t lock. The headset’s earpieces are actually smaller, and still have their signature rectangular shape, making them way more comfortable for my little head, and with every headset standard, feature an adjustable length, and the ears have their own independent tilt.
First I plugged them into my phone, and turned on Pandora. With Fedde Le Grande on full blast, the headphones were not only clear, but the bass itself was impressive. I personally don’t like over ear headphones, but I could see me plugging them in after a rage quit. Little Big Planet has always been my go-to game on the PS3, and this is my first time using a headset for it. Totally worth it! PC use is great, but since I already have Steele Series, it was nothing new.
By far, the most impressive use was on the Xbox 360. Usually I play CoD on mute, so I am not distracted by people yelling, and random sounds. A little contradictory I know, but with chronic migraines, its just how I roll. I heard sounds I didn’t even know the game produced, and while I did not play any better (because lets face it i’m awesome) I did enjoy the overall experience drastically more. I often found myself walking next to random objects, just to listen to the sounds it made.
The Tritton Kunai headset runs anywhere between 60-80 dollars, and I think its totally worth it. They are comfortable, light, and the sound is amazing for the price. The fact that I can switch between electronics also makes them worth the price, since I spend that much on a single headset for each device. It also comes in multiple colors, which is awesome if you are a matching nut!