By Craig Michaels

Drinking certain types of alcohol in moderation can actually have some surprising health benefits. If you’re looking for a healthier choice while drinking alcohol, add Trust Me Vodka to your cocktail list. The company which has been around for about 6 years now is making a big splash among vodka drinkers. With their main office in Carlsbad CA, the vodka is actually distilled in the state of Idaho. While most vodkas are made from grains, Trust Me certified gluten-free vodka is made from Idaho potatoes. With over 4000 different types of potatoes in the world, it’s a widely held belief that Idaho grown potatoes are the best. They benefit from the rich soil, sunny summer climate and pure water from the Snake River, which comes down from the Teton Mountains.

Trust Me Vodka not only offers Gluten Free and Organic options but keto friendly as well. Vodka may be colorless, but the bottles don’t have to be. Something else very unique about the product is the art work. Trust Me Vodka supports visual artists by allowing a total takeover of their bottles by artists who create a limited-edition work of art on every bottle. The name in itself is very catchy and the bottles are very collectible.  

I spoke with Troy Lawrence the local representative for the new vodka line to ask him what else sets them apart from their competitors; “We do not want to be known as a corporation. We want to be known as a local company taking care of local businesses. No minimum order refused and of course no maximum orders refused.” Troy said his biggest challenge is educating local business owners that once they order their product, they will continue to partner with them on marketing methods. They are committed to do what it takes to assist clients with sales and making to guarantee the patrons are happy with their decision to switch to Trust Me Vodka as the preferred choice. 


Trust Me Vodka is currently available in over 70 restaurants throughout the Coachella Valley. Below are just a few of locations you can find it.

JC’s Patio Cafe on El paseo, Palm Desert

Pete’s Hideaway Palm Springs

Black Book Palm Springs.

Il Corso on El Paseo, Palm Desert

Mitch’s on El Paseo, Palm Desert

Burgers and Beer, Rancho Mirage and LaQuinta

Chill Bar Palm Springs

The “S” at Rancho Mirage

If you would like to know more about Trust Me Vodka you can contact Troy Lawrence at: (760) 808-9604 or check out their website: