By Bronwyn Ison

How frequently have you ignored your gut feelings?  Likely too many times and you’ve lost count.  How many gut feelings resulted in an adverse outcome because you decided not to listen?  I would venture you have learned a plethora of lessons all due to not paying attention to your inner voice.  I’ve had my share of intuition that I choice to ignore.  Many of lessons learned and noted.  Fortunately, I executed a shift in my decision-making and the results are positively life altering.

Your inner feeling may be something as trivial as taking a different route to work than usual.  Or, perhaps a major decision such as selecting the person you will share the rest of your life with.  My suggestion, whatever your gut is telling you, it’s likely correct.  How often have you responded, “YES” to something but you were feeling a big fat “NO”?  We’ve all been there done that routine.  Does this get mundane?  You will likely save yourself time, money and/or heartache if you simply follow your gut.

Our gut feeling may also be referred to as your “inner voice.”  When I decided to affect changes in my life it wasn’t easy.  However, I am on the path of truly and candidly listening to my inner voice.  You’re inner voice can also dictate for example… I want to eat those Girl Scout cookies but I know I really shouldn’t.  Guilty as charged.  We went through two boxes at our house.  Naturally, I felt guilty after eating more than my share.  My gut said, “NO” (or maybe it said, yes) but my sweet tooth said, “Heck YES!”

Let’s dive deeper.  How many times have you been in a relationship and your gut told you he/she wasn’t the right person in your life?  Guilty as charged on this account too.  These were tough and valuable lessons.  I am thankful but I am no longer interested in replicating poor behavior.  How did I arrive at this conclusion?  I was doing the same thing and receiving the exact same negative result.  Call it an epiphany.  Well, amen and halleluiah!  All I have to do is commence listening to my inner voice.  How repeatedly does one need the relationship lesson?  If you have had your share of heartache, consider listening to your inner voice when you first meet he/she.

Consider these three suggestions on how to incorporate trusting your gut feelings.

  1. Remain in the present moment as much as possible. You can do this by whichever means work for you.  It may be prayer, meditation, taking a walk to discern your thoughts, pay attention to how your physical body feels.
  2. Consult a trusted friend. Share your feelings.  He/she may be thinking, feeling, or seeing the same about your circumstance.  Ensure the final decision is for you.
  3. Listen to your gut on all major decisions. Anything that arises and needs an immediate decision… Do not be a people pleaser.  Again, do what is right for you.

It won’t always be easy.  You can trust it will be easier over time and you will feel more confident about your decisions.  How will you know it’s right?  Just trust your gut.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA