By Bronwyn Ison

As children we dream of what adulthood will look like.  Not cognizant of all the responsibility associated with adulthood we wanted to grow up as quickly as possible.  You also pondered what you may become when you grow up not knowing your epiphany announced itself in a latter part of your life.  You began to dream of what your heart desired.

We embark on a journey full of courage of which we hope will lead us to fulfilling our dreams and goals.  Are you pursuing the dreams placed on your heart?  Are you tackling your goals with zest and vigor?  Or, are you sitting on the sidelines watching time pass you by?  As we know life comes at us fast.  If you are passionate about your dreams and goals there can be no idle time.  You must be the captain of your own ship.  Naturally you may procrastinate.  Each of us embraces this trait at one time or another.  Formulate a plan.  Map out your goals.  Articulate a timeline.

One must also associate with people of like minds. If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle then you cannot surround yourself with people who are not of the same mindset.  If becoming successful in business is your desire, surround yourself with those who have achieved success.  Constitute your plan and attack your plan.

Find peace and believe in what you are doing.  Surround yourself with people who support your goals and aspirations.  Naysayers will be quick to judge and bring you down.  Eliminate any and all negativity.

Regardless of what you desire the most expeditious way to get there is by asking questions.  Ask questions that challenge the other party.  Follow the keen advice of others who have already paid their dues and achieved greatness. Continue to ask for advice time and again.  The more knowledge you possess on your endeavor the better versed you will be to achieve your greatness.  Stop, look and listen.  Be observant. Pay attention to your surroundings.  This will give you greater insight.

In addition, refrain from trying to accomplish everything your way.  Your way is not the only way.  Stubbornness will result in continuously banging your head against a wall.  Once you listen to others you may well recognize the validity in what they are conveying.  If you are stifled, perhaps it is time to listen to others.  Remember, we are here to work together.  If someone is an antagonist, move on.

Most importantly, persevere.  Try and try again.  Anything that is worthwhile you will need to work.  The journey is paramount.  Those around you will appreciate your tenacity.  Most of all it is your story.  You own it. No one can ever take it from you.

You have been given all the tools you need.  Apply them to your dreams. Be courageous.  Most importantly, believe in yourself.

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