By Angela Romeo

Some say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Some say art is the eye of a society. For Ulrike her eyes are reflected in the whimsical portraitist she paints.

Born in Salzburg, Austria, Ulrike moved to Los Angeles in 1981. She worked for almost 20 years in the world of motion pictures and television. For the past

30 years Ulrike followed her heart studying, teaching and writing, about her passion – her metaphysical findings. In 2011 she established Modern Thought Theories.  Her theories focused on practical and provable guide to living a more positive life.


“I remember being the ‘different kid’ – more creative and inquisitive than my peers. I wanted to sing. I wanted to travel. I eventually moved to Hollywood. It was there I began a new journey of soul-searching and truth finding. I joined a metaphysical class and tested everything that I learned. I experienced faith, hope, amazement, and wonder,” continued Ulrike.  “In 2011 I left the corporate world and began to write. My goal was to write about my knowledge of the workings of the mind, and I wanted to share all the goodness it had brought into my life.”

As a published author Ulrike has written over 80 life-style articles for on-line and print magazines and published 5 books.

In 2015 Ulrike moved to Palm Springs and began the next chapter in her life. She began to paint. She paints on a daily basis using acrylic on canvas.

Ulrike’s work is color – bold, vibrant color. Her favorite subjects are animals. It is these animals that carry with the warm gaze of their creator.  “My passion for painting started in early childhood, but I could finally fulfill my dream of being a fulltime artist, when I relocated to Palm Springs. Here, in this wonderful art community, I continue my creative journey painting from the heart. I work mostly with acrylics and texture on canvas. I love bright vibrant colors for my many nature inspired works. It’s all about creating beauty and making people smile,” said Ulrike.

Like her books, her paintings have levels of meanings. When looking at the work one sees the fables of Aesop and the works of Henri Julien Felix Rousseau. Rousseau was a French Post-Impressionist painter in the Naive or Primitive style. Like Ulrike he was a self-taught. The genius of his work is akin to the genius of Ulrike’s work. The complexity of the work lies in the flatness of the piece. The ability to capture wonderment and innocence belies a sophistication that few can appreciate.

There is an attention to detail without the loss of purity. It is within that subtle beauty that Ulrike’s work shines. Her passion for what is and what can be radiates. But most importantly the work does make one smile.

Ulrike’s work can be seen at various galleries including: Art& Beyond Gallery in Idyllwild and Colliding Worlds Fine Art Gallery in Cathedral City. For more information visit: