When the temperature is in the 90s, even in the shade, it’s likely you reach for some water, the sunscreen and head for a cooler place.

We still have a few months of warm weather, so if you’re driving to a fun spot, work or errands, you should check your tires before hitting the road. Under-inflated tires can be a big risk on the road when the weather gets hot, reminds Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

“What happens with an under-inflated tire is the side walls of the tire have to flex as the tire rolls over and makes contact with the road.  And the more the tires flex, the more heat they build up. And when it’s hot outside, they already start at a higher threshold so they’ll go quicker than if it were colder. What this means is those low tires could blow out. And if they’re old or very worn, there’s even more risk.”

Have your tires checked out by a certified mechanic or get a trustworthy gauge and measure the tire pressure. The correct PSI for your vehicle can usually be found just inside the front door. If you plan to drive, a visual inspection is also good, to look out for excessive wear and make sure the treads are thick enough.

For additional information visit: www.cars.com/articles/2013/07/nhtsa-hot-underinflated-tires-are-dangerous

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna