By Bronwyn Ison

Your fingerprints differentiate you from everyone, as does your DNA. While these are obvious physical traits and characteristics, each of us is unique in other ways. Each person can attest we are likely our own worst critics. We are accomplished at discovering our faults. Have you asked yourself what makes you unique? Not better, not privileged or entitled. What makes you an individual from the rest of the crowd?

As you ponder this question, it may be challenging due to looking at our positive attributes. As humans we are quick to judge ourselves. Pause; grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down ten positive traits about YOU! Clearly you have more than ten but this is a quick exercise recognizing that you are unique. Why are you unique? Because, each and every one of us is special!

You have made your list and now you can begin to manifest on your exceptional attributes and talents. It is your time to hone in and refine how special you truly are as a person and how others may perceive you. Perhaps your list came up a little short. Here are a few suggestions.

Your goals and aspirations may be similar to another person but it is the thought process and journey that will render your experience different. Your professional dreams and goals may vary from limited to multi-faceted. You are cultivating personal drive and ambition. This sets you apart and allows you to think of what you would like to leave as your legacy.

The relationships you keep speak volumes about the person you are. How do you interact with others? Are you kind? How do you comport yourself around other people? Displaying kindness and love will set you apart from those who are hurtful or unkind. This will distinguish you.

How do you communicate with others? How one communicates with others is carefully observed. Body language, diction, expressions, how you write a letter or send a text. This is your image.

How you project yourself to the world is an important part of building your individuality. Aside from your body and facial features, I am talking about your individual style. How you dress, your accessories or how you wear your hair. You demonstrate a unique style every time you walk out the door.

We also know our past experiences render us unique. Our morals, ethics, attitude, hobbies and habits also differentiate us from the rest.

Now get out in the big world and showcase your uniqueness. Everyday is an opportunity to shine brighter than the day before. Be true to yourself and the rest will always follow.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. or 760.564-YOGA
50991 Washington Street, La Quinta