By Crystal Harrell

 Established in 2013, Village Pup in Old Town La Quinta is a one-stop dog daycare, boarding and grooming facility that has proudly put the care of its canine clientele at the top of their priority list.

Co-owners Khaled “K” Habash and Tammy Jenz have raised the bar when it comes to cage free outdoor daycare and overnight boarding for dogs. The Village Pup company culture is one that is based around the concept of family, and they have ensured that each staff member holds this standard in high regard as well, as they look after furry friends.

“[Our job is all about] making a difference for our customers and our employees.  We take a great deal of pride in creating a well-balanced pup which creates a better relationship for the pup and the parents. We firmly believe in giving our employees every chance to grow and support them in any way we can,” stated Jenz.


With that familial comfort also comes a sense of safety, as Village Pup offers onsite training for it’s employees in CPR and First Aid for dogs in case of medical emergencies.   

The folks at Village Pup believe it is better to have Pups intermingle with each other freely in the same play space. Grooming services also feature a deal for the “Best Bath” grooming experience, which includes a bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, a blow out, trim of face, feet and tail, and cleaning the ears.

Daycare is available with pre-paid package pricing for Pups that visit on a regular basis. Other services include Overnight Stay for $55.  The Village Pup offers 2 options for Play Days: half days for $25 and full days for $32.

Village Pup is especially in high demand during the peak travel seasons, when pet owners want to ensure that their dogs are taken care of.

“We have changed the way things are done and through that we have changed what is expected and delivered from a Dog Daycare and Boarding facility.  Many folks bring their pups to us from all over the country, so they can go on a worry-free vacation,” explained Habash.

Not only is a professional relationship created with the human owners, but a loving bond between their furry companions as well.

“We build very strong bonds and relationships with our customers and pups, so anytime we have to say goodbye, whether it be seasonally or permanently, the whole Pup Family feels it deeply,” said Jenz.

Village Pup is now in the process of finalizing a new milestone: opening a second location in Palm Desert that is scheduled to be complete in December of 2019. This new location will have all of the same features and accommodations that the La Quinta Village Pup has, including onsite staff available 24/7 every day of the year. The duo also plans on opening more locations across the Coachella Valley in the future.

“It’s a huge achievement for us to finally be opening our second location.  We are in this to make a difference and we feel lucky to be able to extend our Pup Family,” stated Habash.

Jenz and Habash both come from a retail background, where the occupational emphasis centered on being just another number in a corporate machine. For Village Pup, the two made it a priority to put the focus on building a familial bond with its customers, employees, and the dogs.

“This is about more than just having a passion for animals. We want to really leverage our employees, and let them know that they are appreciated. We’re trying to create a safe and welcoming environment, something that feels like you’re coming home,” said Habash.

Village Pup is located at 78023 Calle Estado in La Quinta, CA 92253. Call 760-564-1600 or visit