By Elizabeth Scarcella

Fairy tales, movies and TV shows all seem to be make believe. You may have been told that anything you see on the silver screen is not based in reality. But I beg to differ.

If you believe, as I do, that we create our reality based on our thoughts and feelings, then it stands to reason that who we pattern ourselves after, will actually manifest and not just be in our imagination as well.

When I was in Grad School for Psychology, I was given an assignment to assess a female character in a movie and write a treatment plan based on her struggles. I chose the movie, Pretty Woman. After watching that movie at least 25 times for the purpose of the, assignment, I fell in love with “Vivian Ward,” played by Julia Roberts. What intrigued me most about Vivian is her stand for treating others well and ultimately, her being treated well too. If you have seen the movie, you know that “Edward Lewis,” her love interest, “rescued” her from her old life that she had chosen to outgrow. Throughout he movie, Vivian asked for what she wanted….and more importantly; she EXPECTED she would receive the very best. She held an intention for herself that she could absolutely create her version of a dream life, despite evidence to the contrary. Vivian taught Edward as well to be fair to others and to expect fair treatment in return.

This movie remains a game changer for me too! Before examining and really empathizing with Vivian, I did not have strong boundaries of how I should be treated. I wanted more for myself in life, yet, I held it as a “wish”, pie in the sky thinking, if you will. I literally used Julia Robert’s character as a role model for myself. Vivian proved to me that your past does not have to define you, the trajectory of your life can change in a moment, and that you absolutely deserve to be treated with respect and admiration. I have created a great life for myself, including my very own version of Edward Lewis. I might not have come from the world of prostitution nor did I attract a Hollywood business man, yet, I can say that I could only have created this life by thinking and believing as Vivian did…I deserve to be treated like a Fairy Princess. So, yes, Fairy tales ARE reality. At least in this case.

What is your favorite movie? How does this movie act as a model for your life?

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