Financial expert John-Paul Valdez of Desert Hot Springs has announced that he will officially announce his Candidacy for Mayor of Desert Hot Springs this Thursday, May 23rd, at 5 pm. The announcement will be made during a reception held in his honor at Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa, 67425 Two Bunch Palms Trail in Desert Hot Springs. The reception, to be held from 3 to 7 pm, is open to the public.
“So many residents of Desert Hot Springs have reached out to me to express their concerns for our beautiful city,” says Valdez. “I will be speaking and working on the issues brought to me and showing the leadership we have been missing. This work cannot go unaddressed. We want solutions, not complaints.”
Valdez will be addressing what he sees as priorities for Desert Hot Springs as a city; among them:
•    Safety
•    Jobs – Economic Development – City Planning
•    Current Reckless Financial Budget at Taxpayer’s Expense
•    Sentinel Power Plant
•    WalMart
•    Marriage Equality Opportunity and Economy
•    Corruption and possible criminal activity
•    Bloated Overlapped City Administration
•    Immigration and The Dream Act
•    Education
•    Recreation
•    Participando directamente con el 56 porciento de la populacion hispano hablante