by Lola Rossi-Meza

George Washington Charter School has talent!

“I was inspired and learned music in elementary and middle school,” said Nicole Hannan-Jodoin, who attended George Washington Charter School. “If a music program was not there when I was in school, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” On Wednesday, April 25, Hannan-Jodoin, Steffi Perthus and Terri Shok, were the judges at the auditions for the school’s annual talent and variety show with 75 acts to choose from. The show featured the top 22 performances and took place on Thursday, May 17. I was fortunate to see Nikki Gonzalez, one of the parents helping to load a truck with drums for her daughter and nephew, who were in the show.
When I arrived at the school, I was greeted by co-directors Kathy Cole and music teacher Linda Hushaw, who were happy I was there to write about one of the most anticipated and exciting music and variety program for the students every year. The photographs included in my column this week are from the dress rehearsal on Wednesday, May 16.
“Thanks to the Washington Charter School Parents Club Foundation, I have a job.” Mrs. Hushaw proudly stated. “This group started over 16 years ago knowing how important music, theatre, science, camp, field trips and overall parent involvement, helps build a solid academic foundation and a well-rounded student. All the children who auditioned should be very proud of themselves.”
As with every professional show, the Stage Crew (all 5th graders) enables the show to flow with ease. Sound: Luke Leath and Gavin Dodsen. Microphones: Tyler Neighbors and Leah Urrutia. Spotlight: Thomas Batchelor. Stage Lights: Isobelle Mendoza and Kailey Moyana. Props: Amanda Both, Sam Raumin and Zoe Slater. Together with the Masters of Ceremony (all 5th graders) Emma Vanderwerf, Sophie Gengler, Scarlett Zepeda, Juan Marquez and Teti Omilana, everything went well.
The students who participated this year are, in order of appearance: Anthony Murica, Angelina Gonzalez, Zoe Reber, Cole Reber, Danica Larson, Bella Lutz, Dylan Muela, Amy DeKock, Danielle DeKock, Jacquelynna Ladd, Isabela DePalatis, Ashton Bassirian, Ryan Bassirian, Lauren Varela, Sammy Adams, Luke Leuschner, Brissa Castaneda, Jordyn Makapugay, Natalie Hushaw, Ashley Bovenzi, Olivia Sandorf, Tenaya Moranda, LuLu Rector, Brady Clemmer, Alyssa Maerean, Jaedon Tamboong, Aesia Garban, Isabelle Chen, Cash Anderholt, Carter Anderholt, Kimberly Harper, Ellsie Frantz, Christian Rozpedski, Charlie Rozpedski, Charlotte Hecht, Benjamin Hecht, Samantha Belous, Zachary Belous, Bennett Creighton, Ryker Rozenbloom, Dirk Rozenbloom, Cory Castaneda, Adel Herrera and Owen Herrera.
I was very impressed with the enthusiastic students, who were well behaved, attentive to Mrs. Hushaw’s speech before the rehearsal, well prepared and ready to perform.


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