By Patte Purcell

I first saw Vertice Williams when she appeared with sax star Will Donato. Her soulful voice was impressive. A few weeks ago, Mikey Cohen (Smooth Jazz Live) introduced her to me at Grooves at the Westin. We had a brief conversation, exchanged cards and agreed to talk again.

Before I contacted her I did a little research and found some great videos of her with Steve Oliver at Spaghettini and gave her a call. I discovered that she was born into a musical family and started singing at age 2. She pursued a professional singing career at age 13 and loves to share her talent by singing and performing.

She released a CD last year produced by Steve Oliver and her first single “Guilty” got significant airplay and hit the charts. They are currently contemplating which of several songs from her CD All Good will be her second release. In addition to vocals, Vertice is also a writer. On her CD she is the Executive Producer as well.

She’s been performing at Spaghettini, Portofino, and Humphreys in San Diego. Her goal is to do an overseas tour and she is working on putting it together. Her long term goals include setting up licensing deals on her music (she composes music as well) and developing other acts and talent for her ‘kids’ as she calls them, which include nieces, nephews and younger people in ‘her village’ as she calls it.

She also has a successful career in real estate and enjoys using all of her talents. As she put it, “do everything you can do before you go.”

To her fans she says: “Thank you so much for supporting me and all the other musicians, we need you.”

To contact Vertice or purchase her CD visit her website at

She will be one of the guest artists at ‘Retro Jam’ at Zelda’s Nightclub in Palm Springs May 1 from 5:00- close. Rick Parma and Chi Town Soul from the coast will be performing.

For ticket information visit or 1-800-316-8559.