Cooler weather is upon us so why not put your best foot forward by keeping yourself free from accidents says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.  ‘Walk this Way’ and plan walk-able routes. Map out a well-lit route with sidewalks and crosswalks and little traffic. Let someone know when and where you are going. Walks are a great opportunity to educate kids about safety. Explain the different traffic signals, remind your kids to stop at the edge of driveways to watch for cars, and teach them never to cross streets without being in a crosswalk.

Use caution at intersections where drivers may fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians while turning onto another street. Increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight and wearing reflective clothing. It’s safest to walk on a sidewalk, but if you must walk in the street, walk facing traffic.
Hey Baby… Use strollers safely. Engage wheel brakes when you stop, wear a stroller wrist strap for extra control and always use the stroller safety belt. Never tie a pet’s leash to a stroller when walking. If your child is too big for a stroller, hold his or her hand to keep them close by. Keep dogs close and make sure they’re leashed at all times. If your dog bites someone, you could be liable for injuries.

And drivers, put down those cell phones… You’re embarrassing yourselves!

Put your best foot forward and walk this way!


Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna