By Denise Ortuno Neil

With cigarette smoking becoming less and less socially acceptable, vaping is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. The cloud of smoke from traditional tobacco driven smoking has given way to the cleaner steam of electronic vapor devices. The vape craze has come to the Coachella Valley, potentially saving us from the cancerous alternative. For those hoping to quit smoking and get healthy, freedom is just steps away, through The Vapor Door in downtown Palm Springs.

You see it every day; no smoking signs litter walls, doorways, even restaurant patios now too. Smokers have become a sort of outcast, no one wanting to be around them and almost looking upon them with a sense of pity. As a part time smoker, my observation is a clear one, and the truth of it is without exaggeration.

Richard Arghittu, the owner of The Vapor Door, had the inspiration to get into the business when he saw the success of some friends who were promoting the industry and how fast it was growing. Arghittu has been well versed in sales and marketing as well as being involved in startup businesses. He also owns Go-Go Green Golf Carts in La Quinta.

Arghittu’s Vape business opened in February of this year and has been received with opened arms. He explained to me that the vaping trend is very prominent in places like L.A., where vaping is much more common than cigarette smoking. Now the trend is happening here in the Coachella Valley, slowly steering the smoking public away from the carcinogenic traditional smoking and into the world of vaping.

Arghittu’s knows the benefits of vaping first hand. As a 25 year pack a day smoker, he had tried everything to quit. From gum, to patches, to cold turkey…nothing seemed to help, nothing accept for the electronic cigarette.

Vaping is basically the utilization of Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin with food flavorings and customer decided amount of nicotine, all energized by a small battery powered atomizer. When inhaled, the steam generated gives the look and sensation of smoking.

For Arghittu’s, the vaping was just what he needed to quit smoking. He has been smoke free since he opened the store. He says that vaping is better than the original E cigarettes that came out years ago because vaping simulates smoking more realistically, making it an easy transition from regular cigarettes, “It duplicates the experience that you would get from cigarette smoking,” he said. The average customer is a person who desires to quit smoking, “95 to 99% are former smokers,” says Arghittu.

The Vapor Door is located in downtown Palm Springs on Palm Canyon and offers a variety of flavors (100 +), including popular brands such as Space Jam. Over 80 of the flavors can be tried at their tasting bar, where first timers can also test out different devices. The prices for the devices range in price, from a startup kit that can cost $25 to $30, all the way up to several hundred. It all depends on how elaborate you want your vape experience to be.

It is an obvious conclusion that tobacco smoking is on its way out in a big way. Thankfully, vaping has come along to help the smoking public with “kicking the habit”. Although vaping has not been deemed 100 percent safe, it is a real alternative to traditional smoking, and that is something that is irrefutable. Personally, I look forward to stopping by The Vapor Door in Palm Springs, and giving vaping a serious try, to finally put smoking behind me. If you’re struggling with quitting, try it out too…it is an industry that is here to stay…moving full steam ahead.

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