By Bronwyn Ison

We are all survivors in this life.  Each of us has endured some sort of crisis.  We are still here, surviving, and moving forward with our lives.  Life lends its ups and downs.  If you haven’t figured it out by now… that is what life is about.  If we didn’t experience misfortunes, we would never be able to grow personally or professionally. 

We fall and we get back up again.  It is rare you will hear a person be thankful for their pitfalls.  Yet, when we do, it is recognition of personal growth.  Whether the hardship was inflicted upon you or was lack of judgment on your behalf, chances are you learned not to place yourself in the exact circumstance.  However, there may be a few instances you’ve repeated poor behavior only to receive the same result.  This may be a time for self-reflection.  How can I “NOT” make the same mistake again?  Most of us fall under this umbrella of replicating poor behavior or making poor choices.  Yet, how much abuse are you really willing to take?  I’ve witnessed some people who are a glutton for punishment and making the same mistakes over and over.  I’d rather forfeit the extended life lesson, move on, and make wiser choices. 

Each life lessons prepares us for the next battle.  There are instances we may ponder why a certain incident is occurring.  I’ve learned, although the road may be rough, I need to promote myself forward in order for genuine progress to occur.  Everything has a beginning and there is also and end.  Nothing last forever.  You may be saying, “well, I’ve had this same unfortunate circumstance for days, weeks, years or even throughout your life.”  Might I suggest, approach your situation with and open-heart and mind.  While this may be difficult I can assure you it will lighten your load. 

Be patient, diligent, kind and know this too shall pass.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760-564-YOGA