By Michelle Ann Rizzio

West Coast Cannabis Club features a location in Cathedral City on Ramon, and a location in Palm Desert off Deep Canyon and HWY 111. After finding success at their location in Cathedral City between 2017-2018, their long awaited Palm Desert location opened in late 2018. When you first walk into the dispensaries, each one has their own stylized waiting room that feels like you are in an Instagram photo. Cozy couches are present as you wait to be called in and there are various West Coast Cannabis Club swag items available for you to look through. Within, each Club boasts fully stocked inventory along the walls such as edibles, vapes, and wellness tinctures or salves. Their inventory is uniformly presented throughout their modern meets industrial showrooms. The Clubs make you feel comfortable and allow you to navigate either store with ease. Behind the counter is their flower wall with all pre-rolls in a display counter right in front and sample jars within the counter for you and your cannabis consultant to look through. The consistent design of the stores makes it clear you are at a West Coast Cannabis Club.

What I admire most about the West Coast Cannabis Club is their consistent education of their vast staff. From my experience the staff at each store continues their education beyond what they know and if they don’t know the answer to your question or concern they will humbly let you know and look to one of their teammates for assistance. It truly is a dream team within each store, allowing customers of any age to feel confident that the products they leave with were chosen due to them being tailored to them and well thought out options for their individual needs. In my experience, the demographic maintains their desire to use cannabis as a medicine although West Coast Cannabis Club Cathedral City was the first shop in the state of California to have a recreational sale. On any given day you can witness the compassion of the staff yourself just by going and asking what could help you achieve relief. Prices are fair and competitive, allowing access to patients and recreational users alike. West Coast Cannabis Clubs consistently pack their weeks with visits from various vendors offering exclusive deals and brand specific information for customers.

Aesthetically, constant restocking and organization keeps these locations looking tight, full, and uniform. The shelves never look bare and products are always readily available for customers to explore. If a product is not in stock, I’ve heard cannabis consultants offer perfect alternatives for the sought after product. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop into one of the West Coast Cannabis Clubs in the Coachella Valley, make sure to mark your calendar for 4/20 when both shops will have a packed schedule of vendors to shop from. West Coast Cannabis Club’s Cathedral City location can be found at 68828 Ramon Rd A2, across from Wienersnitzel and Jiffy Lube and their Palm Desert location is located at 74425 CA 111 next to the Subway off Deep Canyon and HWY 111 near The Hood.