By Dr. Maria Lombardo

Summer is upon us – a time for parties, fun and… beauty! You might have a barbeque, a pool get together, or….a Botox party.

Botox has become a common household word, having been one of the fastest growing cosmetic, non-surgical procedures available. As we roll into summer and strive to look our best during swimsuit season, having lost a few pounds and toned our muscles, the icing on the cake is Botox.

Botox is a simple procedure for enhancing our facial beauty with no down time. A few simple and easy injections around facial frown lines and the crow’s feet area will soften or eliminate such lines. This results in smoothing of the skin with a natural look. A treatment now can certainly last through summer since this wrinkle-preventing injection typically lasts three to six months.

Another advantage of Botox is that it is a quick procedure. With the popularity of Botox, many women (and men) come in to get their Botox injections together! Very often we see the same groups of friends coming together for their treatments. Considering this idea, a Botox Party is a great way to bring together five or so of your friends to mingle over refreshments, catch up on one another’s lives and bring a touch of beauty to the party scene.

With a Botox party for your group, the price per unit of Botox tends to go down as compared to a single patient going into a medical office for the treatment alone. And while cost is always a factor there are other elements to consider. Because not all Botox is created equal, nor is the training for those administering it, the cost can vary as can the results. Those allowed to administer it include physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners but the level of training varies for each of them. As a Board Certified General Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon, I would always administer the Botox myself at your party, as I do with all my patients in the office every day.

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