By Jenell Fontes

Coachella 2014!!! Got my ticket, sunscreen, water now what do I wear? Coachella has become a Fashionista haven with brand clothing companies and stores hiring models to wear their clothing and promote their brands. Choosing an outfit for Coachella is not all about, color, style and coordination it is about functionality. So, here are the top three musts for a great Coachella Outfit: 1) Great Shoes 2) The Purse and 3) Layers. READ before you pack for Coachella 2014!!


This is a crucial decision and could make or break your entire Coachella Experience. So, my suggestion is to pick the shoe first and build your style around them. Take your shoes on a test run to make sure you can wear them all day and get where you need to go as quick as you need too…


Shoes must be comfortable you do a lot of walking at the concert.

Shoes must stay on as there is a lot of crowd maneuvering.

NO spike heals! They dig into the grass and you will be fighting with them all day and night flats or wedges are the best choices, even a boot if you’re feeling spunky.

Flip Flops are perfectly acceptable but only if you embellish them in your own fashionista style.

Lastly they must be cute, choosing your Coachella style from Bo Ho Chic, fun and funky, or Hipster cool is part of the fun of this event. So break out of your Norm and find your Coachella Sprit.

Coachella Fashion 1Coachella Fashion 4


Your purse is essential as you are at the concert for hours, it’s hot crowded and your car is too far to go back for ANYTHING. You need a bag that can carry all of your Coachella Essentials but, that is not too big and bulky to dance with or that you are playing whack a mole to your fellow pedestrians as you walk thought the crowd.

Purse should be big enough to carry phone, mini wallet, water bottle, chapstick and other accessories

Purse must NOT be too big

Suggest a cross body bag for easy maneuvering and hands free comfort, or a small wristlet that you can hang from a belt.

Go BIG… style of fun bright colors or funky handmade bags this is not the place to flaunt your designers and main stream fashion. Purses made from coconuts, old tie die t-shirts and handkerchiefs will make a statement.

Coachella Fashion 3Coachella Fashion 2


Welcome to the Desert… HOT all day and cool at night. When you leave for a day at Coachella Fest you need to think into the evening. Layers. Layers, layers something that you can take on and off and a wrap that you can tie around your waist, purse or shoulders when it gets too hot but you will be so thankful for it after the sun sets.

Light wraps Pashmisha style

Loose crochet cover ups

Hats are always a great option or braids…you don’t want to worry about hair touchups.

Accessories… Glam Bling, Tribal Chic or Hipster Simple… Don’t forget to Accessorize!

The desert sun is fierce so the first layer is always sun protection with back- up sun screen every couple hours. Choosing a cover-up will protect your skin from the sun during the day and from the drastic day to night weather temps. Again, it has to be comfortable so nothing that you are going to have to fix or adjust all day and night.

Coachella 2014 find your style… For me I just marched over to Caroledean’s Resale Therapy in Cathedral City…she is stocked with great “one of a kind” finds…she and her talented staff are on hand to help you find your own personal Coachella style…shoes, bags, accessories…all in one convenient stop.

Resale Therapy
67-800 E. Palm Canyon Cathedral City
(on 111 en route to the festival from Palm Springs)
760-321-6556.   Open Daily 10-5