Renee Baribeau knows this first hand. An author, wind whistler, soul coach, inspirational speaker and workshop leader; Renee learned thirty years ago that if she wanted her life to flow easily…and not be one catastrophe after another, she must honor and accept Spirit’s guidance. She recognized from a very early age, that her life is purpose driven and that her mission is to always be searching for something more. An early adopter to new concepts and theories, Renee prides herself in her burgeoning pioneer spirit. Raised in New York State by a single mother, Renee broke through gender boundaries and became a “first” in many areas of life. The first in her family to attend college, Renee held an executive role for General Electric in a typically male dominated field. Years later, she followed her dream to become a chef…becoming a pioneer for female culinarians…she opened the first Farm-to-Table concept restaurant in New York 30 years ago! While we were still eating boxed mac and cheese, Renee was sourcing local ingredients and creating avant-garde cuisine.

Soon after, Renee sold her restaurants and followed a divine calling urging her to move across the country to the Southwest. With no specific plan in place, just a strong belief in “finding something more”…she settled in Tahoe, California and Taos, New Mexico. It was there that she experienced her first encounter with a “wind god”. Not sure what to make of this “vision”….Renee continued to enjoy her spiritual awakening until she became financially insolvent. Traditionally, a free spirt, Renee finally acquiesced and moved to Palm Desert, California, where she still resides. She had returned to her culinary background, working as a catering manager for the Hyatt.

It wasn’t long, before the “wind gods” started pulling on her again. After spending some time at a sweat lodge in Indio, California…she discovered that she was to create the Desert Holistic Network, a first of it’s kind in the Coachella Valley. This network, born in 2005, was one of the only internet based memberships of holistic practitioners. She grew and developed this community based project to 110 paying participants until she ended this project just 3 years ago.


Again, the wind gods beckoned her to continue spreading and teaching her followers how to become more grounded and utilize nature as a healing tool. She, and her family and friends, were stunned when she answered a call to become an author. Renee is now a best-selling author. Her book published by Hay House, entitled, Winds of Spirit, is the first of its kind in the category “Wind Based Religions”. You can purchase her book here,

Renee has demonstrated throughout her life that what we want never comes in the way we think it should. She has become masterful at tuning inward and listening for the “call” to awaken to her best self yet!

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Renee Baribeau, AKA, The Practical Shaman, is a soul coach, speaker and author. Dedicating her life to teaching others about Wind Energy and its’ healing properties, she can be found at