Ask a mobile DJ how they like performing at weddings and you will get a different answer every time. From, “I love being a part of someone’s special day” to “I hate bridezillas.” Many DJs who are great club jocks are not necessarily good wedding DJs. A good wedding DJ not only possesses diverse music knowledge from every decade going back to the big band era but, they also must seamlessly play them all together in a program that will get everyone up on the dance floor, from the grandchildren to the grandparents.

Being a good Master of Ceremonies (MC) is equally as important as music knowledge. Knowing when to speak and what to say or to just shut up and let the music do the entertaining is an art. For some mobile DJs, mastering walking the vocal tight rope takes years of experience and for others, it may be decades. Being a skilled MC can sometimes make or break a wedding reception.
While most wedding DJs continue to fine-tune these two job qualifications, they also realize the third and probably one of the most important aspects of their craft—promoting their business. A strong word of mouth will help reel in a few gigs but a successful mobile DJ knows it is essential to promote their company or they wind up with whatever jobs are left over.
When it comes to promotions, there are many options. Through trial and error, DJs will figure out what works best for them. The internet has been a game changer in the last decade. Without ample presence on the internet, DJs can possible lose out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. Some DJs prefer blogs, others have a slick web site, while some have both. To make it even harder to decide what works best for you, there’s social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter, My Space and You Tube. Some prefer the old fashion way of shaking hands at a mixer and putting a business card in a prospective clients hand (I find this one to be very effective.) The fact is promoting your DJ company is a full-time job in itself!
The Coachella Valley DJ Association has some help for those DJs and event professionals who are looking for proven marketing strategies. Next Monday August 20th the CVDJA will host a seminar featuring national wedding industry expert Rick Brewer, who will give a 90 minute talk on marketing to brides. In this free seminar Rick will share his more than 20 years of advertising, marketing and sales experience. Wedding vendors will get some insight on putting together a well-designed plan combined with strategies of closing the sale, even in a bad economy.

If you would like more information on wedding expert Rick Brewer check out: For more information or to RSVP to the seminar you can like the CVDJA Face Book page and look for the seminar invite.
When: Monday August 20th.
Where: Leon’s at the Desert Princess Country Club – (corner of Vista Chino & Landau, Cathedral City)
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: Free (open to all wedding professionals)

Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276


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