by Mike Bennett

Whenever I head out of town, I always think about stopping at the Wheel Inn and telling them Large Marge sent me. I also like to get some trinkets from inside the dinosaur store. There’s just something about making a silly purchase inside of a brontosaurus’s belly.

It’s truly amazing how these dinosaurs have stood the test of time. An old fella who helped build the ghost town at Knotts Berry farm, Claude Bell started building these dinosaurs in 1964 and didn’t finish until 1975. The Wheel Inn or “EAT” like the sign says, has survived through a lot of competition and even ran a Denny’s out of business at this location. I like their home style menu and the pies are always delicious. Remember the ‘pan your own gold’ thing at Knotts? That’s the old prospector and his mule outside the door.

The thing I didn’t care for on this visit is the T-Rex is fenced in and only his belly sticks out of the new dinosaur park. I didn’t have time for the animatronic robot dinosaurs this time but it looks like a whole lot of fun for kids.


There is a plethora of information online just google: cabazon dinosaurs.

Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.