by Mike Bennett

Whitewater, California

Whitewater Preserve is one of the best free spots to cool off, hike and become one with
nature. I wish I could say fishing was part of it because every time I look at all the trout in the ponds at
Whitewater preserve I get hungry.

It’s just a short ride on 10 west, exit at the Whitewater exit. Don’t stop by the river by the
freeway. It’s crummy there and you could get swept away. Drive just 4 miles up the windy little road to
the preserve. There you will find a nicely kept, picnic area where you can day camp, hike or soak in the
nice swimming hole.

I mentioned already how much I enjoy the trout ponds. There are 3 connected by a system of
waterfalls. The trout are perfect “pan size” ! But don’t try to net them or fish here because the Rangers
will catch you. But, Yum.


You can hike up the river with the kids and catch frogs. Another great thing about the preserve
is the maps and information provided by the Rangers. The surrounding mountains and green flora make
a wonderful frame for this fantastic nature spot in our valley.

For more info and directions, search for Whitewater preserve.

Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.