By Coach Nadia Popova

Assisted stretching is great for EVERYONE!

Here is why!

First off, what is assisted stretching?


Assisted stretching is similar to regular stretching, except a highly trained professional does it for you!

Increase range of motion & flexibility

A proper stretching routine over time increases your range of motion and flexibility – making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality of life.

Benefits of Assisted Stretch:

Provides a full body stretch

Increases flexibility and mobility

Relieves pain and muscle tightness

Provides stress relief and relaxation

Increases energy levels

Increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow

Increases athletic ability and coordination due to muscle stretching

And the most important is the ability to Perform Daily Physical Activities with Ease!

One of the best things about having someone to help you stretch is the fact that they know how to target your problem spots. Once these muscles have been carefully stretched, your body will become more prepared to perform your daily activities.

Also it’s worth mention that stretching helps to Relief From Stiffness And Soreness

People develop excessive resting muscle residual tension when they’ve been either too active or not active enough. Movements become more difficult with a feeling of heaviness. With assisted stretching you get relief from stiffness and start moving freely again.

It’s Time For You To Experience Life Free From Pain Again.

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