By Michelle Borthwick

Before my Keto journey, I owned a successful marketing and branding agency, where the demands of my business life led to my being overweight and dealing with multiple health challenges. Every day left me depleted of energy, suffering with Gerd, plantar fasciitis, migraine headaches, severe brain fog and prediabetes. (This was all happening in a glamour focused business that required tireless hours, endless creativity, and spunk…of which I had none).

I’m not sure if Keto found me or I found it, but I knew I was desperate to save my life. My day-to-day life had become too difficult and if I was to live out the rest of my life feeling the way I did, I couldn’t bear it another day. This is coming up on 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back to those dark days.   I’m down 40 pounds, no longer prediabetic and my health problems are gone!

Keto Gave Me a New Life

Keto gave me a new life. I’m confident, energetic, inspired and am now blessed to be living my passion as a full-time expert Keto coach (I still pinch myself sometimes) to serve and inspire other women to get their life and health back, find hope, and lose that last bit of stubborn weight One of my top referral sources is doctors and health professionals and I’ve helped hundreds of women change their lives. I love this work and I’ve seen Keto heal bodies, repair family bonds, change lives and rekindle desire!

As a woman in the wellness space, I’ve helped hundreds of women get off medications, lose — collectively — over 6,000 pounds and guided women across the United States to reach their goals for health and weight loss using a fully customized approach to Keto. Keto isn’t new. It’s been around for over 100 years, when it was first used therapeutically at the Mayo Clinic.

Are You Struggling with Weight And/or Health?

Are you struggling with being overweight and may have some health challenges? Do you feel you’ve tried every diet out there only to fail one more time?   Keto just might be right for you, and I encourage you to explore it.

Women are experiencing more challenges than normal right now and Keto can be a solution for many who may have given up hope to have the health and weight they desire. As they change, so does their sphere of influence, as they empower and heal themselves with their diet…so do others!

My Biggest Mistake is I Waited Too Long to Start Keto

I can tell you my biggest mistake with Keto is I waited too long until it became necessary to do something because I was suffering with prediabetes, chronic migraines, and multiple other health challenges. Up until that point, rather than being proactive and taking a “whole person” approach to health and weight, I segmented it and used a Band-Aid approach. For example, to deal with migraines, I’d find a pill or a supplement. I only looked at food as a source of pleasure (being a foodie) or pain (because I gained weight and was inflamed).

When I gained weight, I’d suffer through a strict diet with very few calories or up my exercise routine to try to manage it. I failed to see the link between my diet, overall health, and the healing power of food. I do now! My lab work, physicality and mental outlook demonstrate that I’m in the best health ever.

Keto is Safe & Effective

Unfortunately, today many people are misinformed and still feel like it’s a fad or a quick fix for weight loss or even consider it a dangerous diet. It’s none of these things! In my work as a keto customization expert and coach, I have been able to partner and be trained by respected doctors and industry experts. Building upon this training, I developed my own unique process and program, where I specialize in working with women to completely customize their Keto and transform their lives. Despite what google promotes, there simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all Keto. Personalizing your ketogenic program to fit your food preferences, lifestyle, sociability, age, health status, mindset, activity level and even pandemic limitations is often the difference between “doing keto” and “living keto.”

Why Women Struggle

In my work, I’ve discovered that the main reason women struggle with keto is not because it’s too hard. It’s because women are trying to fit into the “keto” they find online rather than making “keto fit for them”. That’s where my philosophy differs and has a bigger impact because it makes Keto truly sustainable.

Set up a free 30-minute consultation with me at and let’s talk all about Keto and what you are looking for and if this is a solution for you. Keto jut might be the answer you are seeking.

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto customization expert and coach. Keto weight loss results can be greatly improved with Coaching, Customization, Accountability, and a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way. Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, goal setting, ongoing support and more. If you are interested in a Keto lifestyle designed to get you lasting results, book a 30-minute complimentary private coaching session online at