By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

Have you noticed that the world seems to be in greater chaos than ever? And that more people are experiencing heightened personal challenges right now?

It’s easy to place blame of this monumental discomfort on specific events preceding the challenges, or on something that has gone wrong in the world, but maybe this chaos is not at all what it appears to be. Maybe it doesn’t bear a message of doom and gloom. Could it actually be a cosmic signal of wondrous change on the horizon?

If you consider that humanity as a whole is transitioning into the new era (known to spiritualists as the “Unity Paradigm”), it’s conceivable that these challenges represent an opportunity to clear yourself of old baggage, old story lines and anything that distorts truth in preparation for something greater than you have ever known.

Have you ever cleaned your closet? What did you do? You probably took everything out and threw it on your bed. It looked like an absolute disaster, didn’t it? Your wardrobe only starts to make sense again when you categorize what you’ve got, examine what you want to get rid of and then put what you are keeping back in your closet neatly.

We all have some spiritual closet cleaning to do as we disconnect from the old “Separation Paradigm” and step into the new “Unity Paradigm”.  We are doing this. Humanity is bound by this cosmic agreement to transition into the new age. Right now, our clothes are all over the bed!

Keep this in mind as you are watching the news. The heartbreak that unfolds on your tv or computer screen is very real. It’s a mess but it’s a mess that serves to open human beings to greater levels of compassion, understanding, love and respect for one another. Choose to envision golden outcomes to which these events contribute. Even if you can’t see clearly what these outcomes might be, choose to see pain turn to joy on the faces of those showcased in the media. Choose to see joy on your own face as you look in the mirror. Something wonderful is coming!

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