By Bronwyn Ison

On two separate occasions today I had cause to ponder the topic of waiting.  The first contemplation about “waiting” was dissimilar than sitting in the lobby at a doctor’s office while helping a friend.  In addition to my waiting, I was stopped by every red light on the way to my destination.  Clearly, I was inspired to share with you my thoughts about the waiting game.

None of us enjoy waiting for anything in life.  We don’t care to wait in line at the grocery store, or in the doctor’s office or placed on hold with the electric company.    Unfortunately, it is a part of life and often times out of our control.  We live in an instant gratification society.  Most anything we want or need is at our fingertips.  One of the great lessons I have learned over the past decade is “patience is a virtue.”

Plus good things come to those who wait.

Often we are delayed simply by circumstance.  Those circumstances can be a phone call at the last minute as you are running out the door.  Perhaps you are stopped by every red light on the way to your destination.  As of late, I adopted the attitude, I will arrive in due time.  This does not provide the excuse to be late to an appointment or leave a little later on my way to a planned appointment.  In fact, I perform my due diligence to depart when needed or a possibly earlier so I don’t run the risk of being late.  However, if I am falling behind schedule, I choose to keep a good attitude and not allow myself to fret or become stressed.  If you consider what affect this has on your central nervous system, your psyche, and overall health; it can’t be good.

Have you ever contemplated if you arrived late you truly were exactly on time?  You may have avoided an accident or provided the other person you were meeting a few extra moments to prepare for your arrival.  Did you know you posses the choice to make a mountain out of molehill?  In other words, you can allow yourself to become so flustered that your train of thought is impaired and you could sabotage yourself in front of others.  This could be embarrassing and appear unprofessional.

Let’s take for example, you misplace your car keys and you need to get out the door.  This is likely a five-minute problem.  You miss your airplane, which can then turn into a 5-hour problem.  Other circumstances in your life may arise and become a five-week or five-year problem.  Be patient, at some point all will be resolved in time.   Everything has its relevant season.

Your mind and soul will be set to rest if you engage in patience.  I am not implying or encouraging lackadaisical behavior.  I’m simply encouraging you to understand you will be in the right place at the exact right time.  If you are single, you may just be standing in a line, waiting, and strike up a conversation with your future mate.  Just think waiting may not be so arduous after all.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA