By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

In rare instances, certain events in gaming history require me to dedicate not one, but two weeks of content! And the Xi3 PISTON console, is one of those things.

After a press release by Xi3, the release date for Black Friday was confirmed, as well as a pre-order premium release date if Nov 15. (lucky ducks!)

The tiny 4in console will also evolve the PC gaming industry, using adaptive peripheral capability. Get your rapid fire on with a controller, keyboard and mouse for your MMO’s and RPG’s, and even more exciting, is the official confirmation of virtual reality peripherals!!!

First gaming PC? Not sure what to play? No worries! They come pre-loaded with great content to give you a taste of the power the PISTON has to offer.

Xi3 also released a well executed cosmetic face lift on their website, the new is loaded with new content, easier to navigate, and makes shopping easier with in your face content, specs, articles, and modular options perfect for any gamer or PC user for that matter.

The PISTON console had already won my heart with its size, custom modular interior specs, and ease of use. Now add the home automation, theater capability, and regular PC applications, and you have a dream come true!”