By: Bronwyn Ison

Wrestling with your sheets in the middle of the night is frustrating. Lack of sleep can render the day less productive resulting in sluggishness day after day? You might want to realign some of your daily rituals. Are you dining and consuming alcoholic beverages late at night? Consuming liquids after 8 pm may direct you to the restroom in the middle of the night. Eliminating some inveterate behavior and making a few changes may allow for a restful nights sleep. There are various yoga postures you can try to propel you into dreamland.

The above examples may have nothing to do with why you are not sleeping well. Lack of sleep can perpetuate a vicious cycle. Insomnia can derive from anxiety and stress. Most Americans are stressed and do not sleep well at night. Sustaining or obtaining a regular diet and exercise program can assist in better sleep habits.

As a Yoga instructor and local studio owner many students share their personal version regarding injuries, struggles with anxiety, insomnia and more. Fortunately yoga can be a remedy for the myriad of difficulties we face as humans. Difficulty falling or staying asleep can be stressful. Here are a few suggestions and yoga postures to achieve for a healthy nights rest. You may use a yoga mat, towel, or a clean area on your floor at home.

1. Find a quiet place. Turn off your cell phone, landline, computer, television, and any other electronic device that may interrupt you. Ask your family, friends, or roommates to give you 10-30 minutes of peace. Or, wait until you are alone.
2. Temperature. Find a cool and comfortable place to either sit or lie down.
3. Focus. Center one’s self, allow your mind and body to rest simultaneously. (Often referred to as savasana; corpse pose, lying on your back)
4. Breathe! Ease into a steady breath pattern. Avoid short breaths. Lengthen your breaths and breathe in and out your nose.

Now that you are calm, centered, and breathing with control you may work into some comfortable yoga postures.

1. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) Stand straight, feet approximately 6 inches apart, hinge at your hips, allow your torso to fold forward and your arms to dangle. Possibly clasp at each elbow and gently sway your upper body back and forth. Do not lock your knees.
2. Child’s Pose. Sit on your knees, buttocks into heels, on your mat. Place your hands in front of you. Separate the knees, draw your big toes together, and settle your heart toward your mat. Your buttocks continue to reach for the heels, chest to the floor, arms extended in front of you. Breathe evenly and controlled.
Lastly and one of my favorite restorative poses;
3. Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani) Sit next to the wall and nestle your left or right hip as close to the baseboard as possible. Lower onto your back and swing your legs up the wall. Shift your buttocks as close to the baseboard as possible. Maintain your legs straight up the wall. Relax for 5-10 minutes in this posture.

You will be amazed how these simple changes will assist with a better nights rest. Say goodbye to your restless evenings and hello to a better nights rest with the above suggestions. Sweet dreams!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. or (760) 564-YOGA

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