This well-known quote: by Lou Holtz, Tony Robbins, William S. Burrough and many others, has remained popular because it simply describes what we are intrinsically searching to achieve.

We want something better, grander, magical to occur in our life. It is a rare person I meet that can routinely say their life is perfect and they do not wish for any improvements. I know I have days that life feels that good… however, the feeling that ALL is well is a bit fleeting and somewhat elusive. Would you agree?

Have you considered that Life is purposely designed that way? That maybe, the Big Kahuna (whomever that is), created us to want more (or less depending on what it is) in order to keep us expanding, growing and transforming…

If this is the case… if we are designed to move into deeper thoughts, peel back the layers of our psyche and dive head first into Transformation…. where is the Roadmap?

I have spent most of my life waiting for someone to tell me what to do next. Guess what? After rotating the Globe almost 49 times… THE answer still has not plopped its fluffy, cute self, down on my doorstep. Who else can relate?

I believe the place to find the answer of where to find the answer is… within.

Now, I am not saying that we come equipped with the answers to our most burning issues within ourselves… I am merely suggesting that we will know the RIGHT answer when it comes to us. It is our job to remain open, to search and most importantly, to listen. Listen to ourselves, to those who inspire us and even those who we do not trust.

Throughout our daily life, we are granted many opportunities to see things in a different way, or be willing to consider Have you considered that Life is an altered perspective, or listen newly to an old conversation. Constantly, we’re being shepherded into expansiveness. Are you open to the invitation?

It is my mission to offer you a virtual playground to test, experiment and dangle your toe in the abundant stream called, Awakening. In this column, you will perpetually be introduced to methodologies, theories and insights from others, like you, who have chosen to grow and expand… as the alternative is pretty finite.

As always, I love to hear from you… please email me your stories of triumph, growth and awakening to info@elizabethscarcella. com. Until we meet again….

Elizabeth Scarcella, Founder of Go Get Young and co-owner of Rx2Fitness, is a lifestyle counselor and wellness expert with more than 20 years experience. Elizabeth is dedicated to helping you find health and wealth in all aspects of life. To reclaim your best self, find Elizabeth at info@