By Crystal Harrell

Convenience is a blessing in the hectic days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Flower Market makes ordering cannabis online a seamless process. Flower Market has been in the making for five years, starting with cannabis delivery in Los Angeles under the Prop 215 model. The team initially consisted of one person for the first year and a half, and eventually grew to a team of 15.

Once legalization came in 2018, Flower Market voluntarily shut down to remain compliant while pursuing a license in Los Angeles. After a year of pursuit, that license never came to fruition. Even currently, LA is riddled with controversy around their licensing process. Flower Market moved to the Coachella Valley and opened for business in April of 2019, appropriately just before 4/20.

Flower Market is an online cannabis marketplace for consumers to shop the best products available in California, while also learning about the science behind the cannabis plant and the various product offerings. The menu is highly curated to find the best products for the price while also being conscious of the ingredients and process to make those products.


“Ultimately, cannabis is a plant medicine that should help your body even if you’re looking to just have a good time. We like products that are all natural and don’t contain any synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients. We have a wide range of THC products and a solid selection of CBD and wellness products for serious diseases and everyday aches and pains,” explained founder and CEO of Flower Market, Benjamin Brayfield.

For recreational marijuana orders and delivery, a valid state issued ID or driver’s license or passport showing that you are over 21 years of age is needed. If you live in an area that currently only allows medical marijuana sales, a valid ID and a valid California medical marijuana card issued from the county is also required. A working phone number for calls and texts is crucial to receive deliveries from Flower Market, as 90% of communication from drivers to consumers happens via text message. If you do not have a smartphone or cell phone compatible with SMS, there is a high likelihood that order attempts could result in cancelation. All orders must be paid in cash or with a debit card.

With the emergence of COVID-19, online shopping and delivery is as essential as ever. Flower Market strives to be the best in class with customer service, customer rewards, loyalty programs, and deals. The menu is always evolving with new product discovery and promises an amazing shopping experience on the website. Brayfield encourages customers to take advantage of the scheduled delivery options so they do not have to distract themselves from their daily activities and responsibilities.

“I love working with an enthusiastic, smart and hard-working team. I relish the moments when customers share with us how our products and service have helped reduce their pain, made life easier, more convenient, discovered something new that they now love, or otherwise positively contributed to their overall happiness and wellbeing in life. We really exist to serve our customers, spread joy, relief, and good vibes among the community,” stated Brayfield.

Flower Market was voted the #1 cannabis delivery company by the Desert Sun newspaper in 2019. They are currently in the top five this year after the preliminary vote and are vying to be #1 again this year. Staff has seen a demand increase because of COVID-19 and have received a lot of appreciation for staying open during the height of the pandemic. Flower Market staff follows the CDC guidelines to keep their operations clean and safe for workers and customers.

“We all work hard together as a team under the Flower Market flag to progress and improve. No one individual stands out among the group. We came to the Coachella Valley with the intention to be a part of the community. We live here and work here. We support other small businesses. We are involved with local politics. We want to help shape the future of the cannabis industry here in the valley to make sure it’s positive and always in the best interest of the consumer. We also bring a level of safety and education to the retail cannabis market that is 100% beneficial to the local consumers here,” said Brayfield.

The staff also wants to highlight the rewards and loyalty programs for customers. The curated menu is constantly changing with the addition of new products. Customer service is always available via the chat function on the website, text, and on the phone. Flower Market’s goal is to bring convenience, education and safety to the experience of exploring and purchasing cannabis.

The future aspirations of Flower Market is to become more integrated into the community and act as a resource for trusted, reliable information, and access to the best cannabis products. Interested customers can sign up for an email newsletter and follow Flower Market on Instagram, @flowermarket_delivery, to be the first one to know when new features are rolled out. You can order at