Rule 1: Don’t eat candy for the wrong reasons.

Remember, you aren’t eating the gummy bears for their vitamins or minerals (there are none), fiber (none again) or health benefits (nada, nil, zilch). You’re eating your treats for their taste and the pleasure of indulging. So choose the indulgence you actually want, not the one you think you should want, and don’t give candy a hierarchy. Ever.

Rule 2: Give yourself rules that work for you, and stick to them.


This one can be tricky. But this is one place I am totally OK with setting some steadfast rules. First, you need to think about what has not worked for you in the past when you’ve tried to lose or maintain weight during Halloween, and write them down. Then, write down what you will do differently this time.

For example, maybe in the past you’ve allowed yourself one piece of Halloween candy every day until the candy is gone, but you ended up two pounds heavier by Thanksgiving. This year, maybe give yourself five pieces total, and throw the rest away. Or allow yourself one piece per week until Thanksgiving. Maybe you only indulge in one piece on Halloween and then donate the rest.

Different people need different rules, so there’s no right or wrong here. You need to listen to your body and be honest with yourself about your habits, strengths and challenges.

Rule 3: Eat your Halloween sweets in an empowered manner.

Admit it. You’ve unwrapped three mini-sized candy bars over the kitchen sink while on a phone call and didn’t think much about it. That is, until you hung up the phone and had to throw away the wrappers.

But not this year, because you are going to do things differently, right?!

Sit down. Enjoy your treat so that it is mindful, conscious and satisfying, rather than when you’re distracted by goblins and ghosts. Take the time to savor its deliciousness. You’ll appreciate it more, and be all the more satisfied with your empowered choices.

No more tricks with your treats. Keep ‘em separate, and be real with your conscious indulgences—there is indeed a place for them in your Nutritious Life.

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