Photos provided by Brian Hoff and Prince Fleet Easton

You might say that the artistic team of Brian Hoff and Prince Fleet Easton is a match made in musical heaven.  Their unique collaboration has produced popular original songs and musical videos.  Both are highly successful writers, vocalists, actors, and savvy businessmen.  They have known each other for nearly 14 years, meeting at various events where they would end up fantasizing about doing a creative project together as admirers of each other’s works.

“A few years ago, I had offhandedly mentioned to Brian about a Christmas film I was appearing in, said Prince Fleet.  “The producers were looking for investors.  I thought it might be something that he might like to do.  Not only did he invest, but he was also cast in a role, as well as ending up writing a song for the soundtrack. I am also featured on the soundtrack. Last year, Brian wrote a special song for us called Who Will Carry You.  I also contributed to the song.  It was recorded and released on all the music platforms. Brian then asked if he could shoot the video footage for my song SHINE. Brian is amazing.  He has the perfect eye for knowing just how to capture the right images.”

SHINE was edited and engineered by the writer, producer, and director Doc Skinner.


“Brian is the real mastermind,” said Prince Fleet.  “He is a genius at all aspects of the business. We each bring our own talents to the table and collaborate.  Currently, we have another song in the works that I’m getting ready to record.  It will be out soon on Spotify and Apple music.”

Brian vividly recalls the first time he saw Prince Fleet.  “Fleet was performing at a popular restaurant in Palm Springs with a group of other performers one night.  When it was Fleet’s turn to come out on the stage the crowd went wild.  At that time, I was a dreaming songwriter and visualized writing a song for him.  It seemed near impossible, but I thought he was a fabulous talent and over time our love for music and creating original work became a reality when we worked on Who Will Carry You. I had created a melody and written lyrics, but after teaming up with him, we were able to enhance the melody and the feeling together.  It was a genuinely wonderful collaboration that resulted in a song that we both will cherish forever.”

The Individual Talents:

Brian Hoff got his start in the film business in 1994 working on the HBO film White Mile, which starred Peter Gallagher and Alan Alda. He went on to work for independent film producer Paul Leder, father of Dreamworks director Mimi Leder. Brian continued to work in the industry and began developing his own scripts and film projects. His first animated short film Automaton won an award at the California International Animation Festival in 2008.  Brian is an actor and a member of SAG AFTRA and ASCAP.  He is the creator of the popular animated book and animated series Secret Agent 00K9: The Fast & the Furriest centered on a silly spy dog agent 00K9 (pronounced Double Oh K 9) who goes on adventures as a detective solving crimes in an animal-only, but wacky human-like, society. From 2014 to 2016 Brian held book signings and benefits for the Palm Springs Police Department K-9 Unit.  He enjoys reading his books to elementary school students in Desert Hot Springs, CA.  Brian exhibited his works at the Palm Spring Comic Con event 2016-2019.  “I have always been interested in animation and cartoons,” said Brian.  “As a child, I think my greatest creative inspirations came from growing up in the mountains of Northern California.  In that free open space, I was able to develop a wild imagination and began writing and creating at a young age.”  Brian’s late dog Cosmo was the inspiration behind the spy dog character in his book series.  Cosmo attended book signings over the years until he passed in 2015.  “I honored Cosmo in the last book where I created the character Agent Cosmo and gave tribute to him as a hero who saves the city.”  According to Brian, animation can transform, inspire, educate, and allow artists to create visuals in multiple techniques and styles lending to an unlimited word of digital storytelling.”

Prince Fleet Easton was born in Akron, Ohio where he made his singing debut at the age of 5 with a local orchestra. Soon after, he began his show business career by appearing in many Broadway musical productions at the Equity Goodyear Musical Theater. He has an extensive background in dance, acting, and singing. His career over the years has been one filled with stardom and awards. On December 9th. 2016 Prince Fleet received the 407th Star on the Palm Springs Walk Of Stars. On April 22nd. 2017 Fleet received his second Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House along with acknowledgments from the United States Congress, the United States Senate, the California Senate, and the California Congress. In 2018 Prince Fleet Easton received the President’s Choice Entertainer Of The Year in Hollywood California from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. In January of 2018, he once again received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the White House.  More honors and special appearances were achieved by Prince Fleet during this time.  To top it off, in October 2020 Prince Fleet was ordained as an Interfaith minister.  In 2021 Prince Fleet became the opening act for the Trini Lopez Tribute Show in Las Vegas. On April 2, 2022, Prince Fleet received the International Inspirational Award from the S.I.M.A. Organization based in London England. In 2022 Prince Fleet made a cameo in the feature film Hashtag Blessed the Movie and can be heard singing the original song Why Can’t Christmas Be Here Every Day on the soundtrack of the movie. Prince Fleet can also be seen in the new action-comedy film Team Of Two as Detective Johnson. In 2023 he was honored in Paris France with the first Fabulous Celebs Global Award from PRO-Lux Magazine representing the United States. Recently Prince Fleet received The Kindness Award and The Miracle Award for his charity work.  He has now been booked to appear in the International film ‘The Lost Ship’ and ‘Fly’ coming soon.

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