The Inner Idea Conference is a Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts dream. Four-days of countless classes were sure to entice the fitness guru’s and aficionados. Some of the industries finest fitness instructors gathered to share their talents, equipment, books, videos, and knowledge. The Inner Idea Conference is a stellar event providing the essentials to anyone interested in fitness and health.

Transformation is to be expected when one attends this conference. It boasts more than thirty-five of the most forward-thinking fitness leaders in the industry. Attendees were offered more than one hundred sessions during the four-days. The sessions included more than fitness. Health professionals conducted classes on healthy eating. Eating Naked, explored the benefits and risks of eating raw foods. Gluten-Free, Raw, and Plant-Based – What is Really a Healthy Choice was also a class offered. Susan B. Dopart, MS, RD offered definitions and encourages that each person choose what is best for his/her diet. Naturally any and everything to do with Pilates and Yoga rewarded the devotee.

Basi Pilates, founded by Rael Isacowitz shared his methods in tandem with Darya Bronston, Founder of the Core Fitness Roller. Upon briefly meeting Isacowitz, I learned what transforms him into a human machine in constant motion.
Q: Where does your passion about physical well-being stem from?
A: My father was a great believer in physical fitness, despite having physical limitations, particularly in his later years. When he could not walk very well, he remained an amazing swimmer and he would swim regularly.

I have been very active since my early years. I was a swimmer from a very young age, and in my early teens I started studying yoga for many years. I then commenced dancing and in my early twenties I was introduced to Pilates. In addition I have always been inspired by activities that partner nature with movement: surfing, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking – I cannot get enough of the outdoors and activities that allow me to harness the power of nature (or attempt to anyway!).
Q: What is most gratifying about what you do and share?
A: Undoubtedly the most gratifying aspect of what I do is seeing lives change for the better before my eyes. At times I am bowled over by the profundity of the change. These changes are across the board; young, aging, athletic, sedentary, professional athletes, people rehabilitating from injury or surgery. Change from Pilates is not exclusive to any one group it is for anyone.
Q. What keeps you motivated and dedicated?
A. I am eternally inspired by my students from around the globe. Each year I have the pleasure and honor of teaching hundreds, if not thousands, of students. Their dedication, the efforts they make to come to my workshops and presentations, their spirit for learning, all leave me humbled to my core and motivated to continue on, even after 35 years of teaching.


The energy was sublime and exceeded the expectations of those who attended. We hope Inner Idea selects our beautiful valley again to host such a prestigious event for us to enjoy. To learn more about the Inner Idea Conference, and The IDEA Conference,

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