It may be premature to commence planning a summer adventure.  Earlier this week my family and I have solidified our plans.  We’ll be patiently waiting for our “road trip take-off.”  We have an incredible sojourn planned.  Best of all we’ll be making new memories together to last a lifetime. 

Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating planning your summer vacation.  Hesitate no further.  I’m hopeful this will motivate you to dive in and start reserving your flights, rooms, etc.  A simple tip… Start now!  I learned there is so much already booked out.  You don’t want to miss out. 

Last year we took my daughters on a road trip.  We had a blast.  We traveled to Mammoth, Devil’s Postpile National Park, Rainbow Falls, Geona and Lake Tahoe.  We played a lot of car games on the way to each place.  Best of all the scenery was magnificent.  Plus, we were nearly unplugged.  In today’s society it’s challenging to get anyone off their devices. 


This year we contemplated a few destinations:  New York, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe again.  We reminisced of our trip last year.  We had so much fun and built so many memories … we’ve decided to hit the road again. 

Where are you thinking of going to beat the heat?  What suits your budget?  How could you build the best memories?  Is it planes, trains or automobiles for you?  Or all of the above?  How long?  Will you go in June, July or August?  Will you plan your trip with another family?  In any event… Get planning!

Our adventures are completely planned…. We are so EXCITED!  I’ll give you HINT… We’re hitting the road again.  Until then there will be mini trips for us.  Stay connected and I’ll keep you posted.

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