By Bronwyn Ison

Can yoga help improve your balance?  Is it possible to improve your own body awareness through the practice of yoga?  What is proprioception and why should it matter to you? Strengthening your body will also help improve and maintain your balance.

Proprioception is important because it allows us to know where parts of our body are located in space.  In other words, without proprioception, we wouldn’t have an understanding of the position of our limbs and joints as it relates to our trunk. 

About a third of the population over the age of 65 years old takes a fall each year.  At age 80, half of the seniors fall annually.  Unfortunately, falling is the leading cause of death by injury among people age 65 and older.  These are startling statistics.


Whatever your current level is, one should be practicing balancing yoga postures, daily.  Several of my classes focus specifically on balance to better improve my students strength, flexibility and confidence. 

Consider these tips for improving your overall balance…

  1. Practice balancing postures each day.
  2. Hold postures on each side of your body for a length of time that works well and is challenging for you. Be sure to work your way from 20 seconds, to 30 seconds and longer.
  3. Change up your routine. Resist doing the same poses all the time.  Mix it up a bit.
  4. Be mindful while practicing. Remain present and breathe.
  5. Change your physical focus. Look in one direction and gradually shift your gaze elsewhere to challenge yourself.
  6. Move from your yoga mat to a rug or on your carpet. Have a good feel for uneven surfaces too.

These simple tips will help you immensely.  Evolve Yoga offers a full class dedicated to, Yoga for Balance, Flexibility, Strength and Core. Tuesday, 10:30am-11:45am.  If not in class, try online classes at

Here’s to your overall balanced and well life!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and Online Yoga classes at 760-564-YOGA (9642)