By Aimee Mosco

“You must have some level of active and conscious participation in order to achieve what you set out to create.” Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, pg. 11

You are a creator by nature. It’s part of your soul-birthright as a being gifted with freewill. There is typically a direct relationship between the life experiences you have and the choices you make. Your choices materialize as creations. So, how is an empowered creator different from a creator responding to nature alone?

The three biggest factors that influence your ability to create from a place of empowerment vs. creative autopilot are:

  • consciousness awareness
  • intent
  • follow through

Your awareness grows as your compendium of life experiences grow. You learn over time, whether you make the effort or not. You can choose to work on growing your consciousness at an accelerated rate by actively exploring things that interest you or topics that apply to your life. When you do this, you lay a foundation for empowered creatorship.

When your awareness levels are low, you express intent through subconscious brain activity and unmanaged thought-forms (autopilot) for the most part. As your awareness increases, you become acquainted with subtle influences lurking in the shadows of your mind that were once hidden from your view. These influences may include thoughts born of old stories you have risen above, or fears that are no longer relevant. These types of influences can be wrestled into submission when you recognize that they exist and then tap into your innate power by expressing conscious, thoughtful intentions which override the unmanaged “noise”. Conscious intent represents the next layer of the platform which supports your ability to create in an empowered way.

Follow through rarely occurs without effort. It requires commitment and movement on your part to happen. It’s also the signal which marks your arrival at the station of empowered creator. An empowered creator is one who does not wait for opportunities to be laid at her feet but rather uses her finely tuned senses to make an assessment, formulates a plan with intent, and then pursues expected outcomes with action.

Becoming an empowered creator is a choice that is available to you as an innately creative being. And while it might take some time and training for you to step into this role, you are meant to claim this merit badge if and when you so choose.

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