I cannot count the number of times I’ve responded to a flooded condition, broken gas line, electrical problem, roof leak, etc., in my career. These are common incidents firefighters respond to in addition to the day to day fire and emergency medical calls. We’re good at what we do and I’m very proud of that!
I recently found myself on the ‘other side’ needing the same assistance I have responded to so many times. I came home late one Friday evening and was met with an unusual odor. I knew immediately something wasn’t right. I did a pass through of the house and came to the back master bedroom. Soaked with water, I sloshed through the carpet to find a water pipe burst in the wall.
I knew exactly what to do (control the utilities) but knew I had a bigger job ahead and needed help. I remember someone had highly recommended Greg Smith at C & S Home Services for small to large home repairs/rebuilds. For whatever reason I kept his number and glad I did.
I called Greg and he responded with no hesitation, no questions asked. Like a firefighter he arrived and went right to work stabilizing the problem so I could have water/plumbing, though the house was a mess! Over the course of the several weeks, Greg and his personnel worked days and evenings to get the job finished to my satisfaction. He was on time, kept his word and was honest.
C & S Home Service 760.567.4713 came to my rescue when I needed them. They did a phenomenal repair/rebuild job, but more than that I met a new friend. Greg is one of the nicest most respectful people you will ever meet with incredible work ethics. Thank you Greg!