By Craig Michaels

A native of the Coachella Valley, DJ Sizzle (Joe Cornejo) has always been interested in music. Sizzle began collecting music at age six with the help of his older cousin: “My uncle Tony Rico (RicoMix) inspired me at a young age to be a DJ. He would always hook me up with the latest mixes and also got me into different genres of music I wouldn’t ordinarily be into.”

Although his interest began at young age, Sizzle didn’t begin experimenting with music until he was 24. He started out DJing house parties for family and friends. Sizzle talks about how he would eventually join a local entertainment company which has a been a great move for his career: “For six years, I have been employed by Desert DJ Entertainment Group, alongside DJ Guy Worden, Tessaphobia and DJ Paul Z. We work well together because we all bring a different sound and we learn from each other and have been our biggest supporters. When we get together and plan an event, the creativity is flowing and we are always satisfied with the final product.”

His ability to stay humble and learn from other DJs has helped him to elevate his skills. “There isn’t an event or party I can’t do. I would say I’m well-rounded. I can spin at the club or play at a wedding, quincenera, or whenever needed,” explains Sizzle. While his passion is Hip/Hop and Old School Rap, Sizzle likes to challenge himself to get the crowd into something they haven’t heard before such as dance remixes of Top-40 songs or Mash-Ups that you wouldn’t normally hear.


Working with Desert DJ Entertainment group, Sizzle says he gets his greatest satisfaction out of hosting events. They do everything from promoting, setting up, and performing – in contrast to a club, where you show up, play a set and that’s it. He is on the planning committee for the “Terror at the Tack Room” Halloween show at the Tack Room Tavern in Indio next month. This year they are adding The Date Shed as a host to accommodate fans of EDM/Techno/House music.

One of the high lights of his young career was playing at Stagecoach Music Festival in the Bud Light tent last year. Sizzle met Country singer Lee Brice while spinning everything from country music to hip/hop for 8 hours a day.

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Written By: Craig Micheals
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