By Crystal Harrell

Marisa Corvo has sung for millions on television and is now sharing her voice with the Coachella Valley. Corvo was raised in a lively Italian family and was inspired to get into music by her trumpet-playing dad. Her journey began as a classical pianist and she played her first professional gig with an orchestra at Juilliard when she was in the first grade. She performed at Carnegie Hall at 9 and began singing soon after.

She landed a publishing deal at 19, but eventually got burnt out with music. Born and raised in New York’s Staten Island, Marisa’s musical talent began to shine as a classical pianist at age eight making her debut at Julliard’s Merkin Hall and she continued to hone her craft with countless performances including Carnegie Hall at age nine. She gained national acclaim on season 11 of Fox’s “American Idol.” Performing with some of the biggest stars on the planet, she sang with Jesse Harris, Vanessa Carlton, The Jonas Brothers, Toby Keith and many others across the country.

She also participated in season 19 of The Voice during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following her televised tine on the hit talent show, she performed for numerous corporate events for companies such as Oracle, Tealium, and many more.


“It was interesting during my time on The Voice because there were no vaccines or anything like that, and it was really difficult and everybody was really scared, but they still were able to film this show, and the team was just very dedicated and keeping us safe,” shared Corvo.

“Our season was the only season that’ll ever experience COVID in full blast. There was no audience. We did do the blind auditions, but the judges were very far from us and we had no contact with them. We couldn’t go near the coaches or anything where in the past, people have gotten closer to the coaches and, we weren’t even allowed to go within 10 feet of them,” expressed Corvo.

“I’m really lucky that I can make a living doing what I do. I’ve come a long way. It was at a point where I was angry about everything and bitter, and I can’t believe I’m playing at restaurants. But then I realized with just changing my way of thinking and realizing the gig that I do is a great gig, and playing for all these people does make a difference because I’ve seen it, and I’ve been told that… it’s coming from a place of gratefulness… I’ve really come to fall in love with what I do again… the fact that I get to come home to the same bed every night and I don’t have to tour… it’s something that is really important that I get to do music full time without having to live on a bus,” said Corvo.

Corvo is performing at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa and Maestro’s Steakhouse Palm Desert for the duration of May.