By Bronwyn Ison

As we draw nearer to the year’s end, I am more passionate about 2017 than I was about 2016. Closing out 2016 feels extraordinary.  It feels exuberant not because the year was not successful but rather it was one of my best years yet.  Therefore, I am excited to create my 2017.  “Create,” is the operative word. You can create your best year yet as well. 

Reflecting upon the previous year, I am grateful to have accomplished so much professionally and personally.  I was able to create my visions by candidly being honest with myself.  Learned lessons along the way were also valuable in my success.  By all means I am not boasting about my fantastic year, rather I am sharing that you can have your best year too! 

Here are just few actions I enacted.


Take a look at yourself (authentically). What do you like about you?  What can you change?  How can you become a better you?  A self-evaluation revealed the answers. Once your answers surface, apply them to your life, and stick with it! 

The second action I took… this was the toughest to conquer but an absolute MUST.  Get rid of what no longer serves you.  This is not selfish but rather it is selfless.  Unfortunately, this also applies to people as well.  Anyone that is holding you back, energy leaches, or simply do not have your best interest at heart. One must jettison them.  If this is a family member or spouse, this may require professional assistance.  Beware of those you think have your back.  I like to say, “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” (Matthew 7:15)  In other words, watch your back and be on your toes.  This isn’t to create fear.  Be cognizant of your surroundings.  If you have tangible clutter in your life, let it go!  If it feels like a burden, then it is a thorn in your side. 

Ahhhh, this leads me to… be fearless!  Let go of “fear” in all you do.  I am not advocating you be cavalier.  There is a difference.  Often times our self-doubt can protect us from doing something stupid.  Fear is a consistent and nagging force that does not serve you either.  Fear can hold you back in your career, relationships, and keep you from achieving your dreams.  Truly, the fear you feel is your own voice chattering negativity in your head. If you can do your best to achieve overcoming your fears you will soar to new heights personally and professionally.

This is a short list of the actions I took in 2016.  I’ve achieved great milestones in my personal and professional life since implementing these simple tasks.  It required great focus, diligence, and confidence.  Skies the limit!  I am so excited about 2017 and you should be too! Create your 2017 with passion.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760-564-YOGA(9642)