By Daniel Paris

Located in the Albertson’s Country Club Village, Si Bon has withstood the rotating COVID closures that have plagued the Coachella Valley restaurant scene. The chef/owners Edith and Philippe Caupain have expanded their outdoor seating options to accommodate diners to nearly pre-COVID capacity. During our unusually warm summer, they retrofitted their existing cooling system to feed directly out to their covered patio area to maintain a pleasant 70 to 80-degree temperature. Misting systems alone cannot handle 115 degrees.

The Belgian-influenced menu will satisfy carnivores and vegans alike. Belgian restaurants are judged by their waffles, crepes, fries, and mussel dishes (moule frites). Si Bon excels at these and the many items on their ambitious menu.

My favorites are on the breakfast and brunch menus. Their array of eggs benedict recipes, many served on crispy waffles, are all worth trying. Omelets, savory and sweet crepes and waffles, all served with fresh fruit on crispy, cubed potatoes are highly recommended. The hollandaise sauce is exceptional. Order a dark, rich cup of Lavazza coffee. The soups are freshly made and include cold soups such as cucumber cream and vichyssoise. Salads are vibrant and crispy with the Salad Niçoise my favorite.


The all-day menu includes many seafood dishes, steak, and European dishes such as schnitzel, stroganoff, filet mignon au Poivre, and comfort food favorites like meat loaf, fried chicken, and beer-braised short ribs. The chef/owners oversee every aspect of service to guarantee your dish will be beautifully garnished and at the correct temperature. The selection of cocktails, wines, and Belgian beers is extensive and well presented. Service is timely and precise. Special requests are welcomed. Make sure you get some mayonnaise with those fries for the authentic Belgian experience. Si Bon lives up to its name.

Si Bon
40101 Monterey Avenue, Suite E5
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
Open 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.