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Of course it does! Any inclement weather can lead to both accidents DUI’s, thus causing our phones to ring off the hook. Though we get very little rain in Southern California, if it does rain it is in LA not PS. Last week it rained like crazy in LA and this time in PS too.

The first rain is often the most dangerous because the oil from the road rises with the rain creating slippery roads. Last week’s abnormal rain was dangerous for drivers………especially those that have little experience driving in the rain. As I explained to my daughter when she drove in from LA this weekend, it is not just your driving I worry about. I worry about the car next or behind you that is driving faster and less carefully than road conditions allow. That car then slams into you because they can’t stop in time.

Furthermore, the greater PS area has more elderly drivers whose reflexes are often slower than when they were in their 20’s. Many of these drivers are used to driving from their home to their clubhouse or market in their golf cart, and not in their car in traffic. Certainly “locals” are not used to the challenges of driving in the rain.

They do not realize they should be driving slower and leaving more room between them and the car in front because of the slippery roads. They, or the car behind them, may be driving to fast for wet road conditions and following to close for safety.

If an accident happens, my recommendation is to find the best and most experienced PI lawyer possible AND one who has been the victim of an accident him/herself. Until I was rear-ended I did not fully understand the pain and suffering my clients endured. Not only was their neck and back sore but they often developed a fear of driving.

Personally, every time I would hear brakes screech, I would fear another accident and tighten my neck and shoulder muscles. Like me, they might constantly look in the rear and side view mirror when they came to a stop to be sure they were not hit again or when they hear brakes screech.

After an accident their lives are turned upside down and unless you too have been an accident victim you do not realize the impact of an accident. They are constantly in pain. They cannot find a comfortable position to sleep or sit in a chair. They are constantly in a bad mood because of their discomfort and thus often abrupt with their significant other causing breaks in relationships.

If they have a small child, when they come home the kid puts his/her hands in the air to be picked up………… comes the dilemma. The doctor advised “not to lift anything over 10 lbs” and their kid is clearly more. They fear if they do not lift the baby it will cause psychological issues to the kid who would think the parent does not love them. If they do lift the kid they realize it will probably put their recovery back or cause further injury.

Because you can’t lift any weight you are unable to do your share around the house. This includes taking out the garbage; lifting luggage for a planned trip; lifting shopping bags etc. Furthermore your regular golf or tennis game is a no no. Now you worry if you do not play, that the group will find someone to replace you in their weekly game.

Let’s say you have been in an accident… what do you do now?

Call the police and gather info at the scene; contact a lawyer; don’t talk to anyone; go to the hospital or doctor your lawyer suggests and don’t give any statements. The latest admonition is to take down your social media. The insurance company can get free info on you by going to your facebook page and seeing you brag about your tennis or golf game.

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