By Janet McAfee

Loving All Animals in Palm Desert saved this tiny 1-year-old Terrier’s life several months ago when we rescued her from a high kill shelter in San Bernardino.  Pippen thrived in her foster home with Luanne Parks.  However, she had a recent medical crisis, and now needs your help.  Pippen needs diagnostic testing and treatment from a veterinarian board certified in neurology.  Please read her story and consider helping.

Pippen was a bit fearful at first, a perfect candidate for socialization in one of our loving foster homes.  With Luanne Parks, Pippen learned basic training, how to walk on a leash, and how to enjoy the company of other pups.  Luanne’s three other rescue dogs welcomed Pippen into their pack and Pippen was especially fond of alpha girl Marley.  Pippen thrived, overcoming her separation anxiety, gaining weight, and playing happily with the dogs.  But she always kept a watchful eye on Luanne, her special human.

Then one Friday Spring evening, Pippen didn’t eat dinner and seemed lethargic.  She slept next to Luanne’s head that night, different from her usual pattern of lying by her side.  It was time to rise Saturday morning, but when Pippen jumped off the bed she uttered a high pitch yelp.  She ran down the hallway, and suddenly fell sideways with her legs stiff.  The young dog stared blankly into space, her body immobile.

Panic stricken, Luanne drove the dog to nearby Carter Animal Hospital.  Dr. Stephen Carter examined Pippen, and when they tried to stand her up she would fall over.  They kept the dog overnight and administered fluids.  Dr. Carter is not sure what caused this episode, but by Monday morning Pippen had significantly improved and went home with prescribed steroids.

Pippen continued to improve, playing with her favorite stuffed toy (a green alligator), following Luanne around the home, and enjoying the company of her foster sisters.  Luanne observed a slight difference in her gait, noting the dog “ran stiffly like a race horse.”

Pippen had a second episode, not as serious, but creating cause for concern.  Dr. Carter noted stiffness on her right side, and was concerned about possible neurological changes.  He advised us to consult with a neurologist to get a thorough diagnosis, making a referral to Dr. Stephen Hanson at the Veterinary Neurology Center.  Dr. Hanson has a full time practice in Tustin and a part time clinic in Palm Desert.

$2,000 is needed for Pippen to get an MRI and a spinal tap.  These tests will help determine if the tiny pup has a form of GME, Granulomatous Meningoencephalomyelitis, a nervous system disease.  The tests could alternatively show Pippen has some sort of infection, many of which are easily treatable. Dr. Hanson has offered us a 20% rescue discount.

Pippen’s medical bills would be covered If 100 people each donated $20.  To make a tax deductible donation go to the website and list the reason for donating “Pippen”.  Checks can be mailed to Loving All Animals, 73550 Alessandro Drive, Palm Desert, CA  92260, noting “Pippen”. Foster mom Luanne tells us, “Pippen is the sweetest little dog you could imagine.  She learned to follow commands including ‘give me a kiss’.  Pippen deserves this service so that she can receive needed treatment.”  Contact LAA at (760) 834-7005.  There is a home for every rescue dog, and surely a kind human will consider providing a forever home to this little pup.