by Lucinda Perez

“I’m not sure how to describe our music,” Bolin Jue admits about his band, The Town Troubles. “Some sort of two-piece, new desert rock, stampede of noise,” he guesses is how others might describe their music. “I try not to limit anything that might ignite something good,” he adds.

Coupled with the bands relative young nature, it is no surprise Jue has trouble pin-pointing an appropriate description for The Town Troubles, as the band uses the eclectic Coachella Valley as a common source of inspiration.

Jue (vocals and guitar) and Bryan Garcia (drums) formed their band in 2010, after they first played together again after a five year hiatus. The Indio High School alumni both played guitar together during high school, but never really had a band.

After going their separate ways to focus on school and other musical endeavors, Garcia called up his friend and asked if he wanted to jam. “We wrote a song then and there,” Jue remembers about that day.

The Town Troubles have played at some well-known venues in Los Angeles, but their fellow Coachella Valley musicians, artists and the people who enjoy watching them perform are who really drive them to perform. They draw not only from other musicians, but any artist who simply does what they love to do. “That,” Jue emphasizes thoughtfully, “gives me chills.”

Though The Town Troubles may seem a bit ambiguous in definition, their one certainty is that they are both happy to just play the music they like. Their music can be described as a bluesy, experimental, desert rock blend. You hear it in their song “Spiked Punch.”

The song showcases Jue’s young, wistful vocals and gritty guitar riffs, while Garcia delivers rhythmic drum beats; the song then breaks into a collaborative bluesy bridge before jumping back into the heavier sounds.

The Town Troubles will be playing live at The Hood Bar & Pizza in Palm Desert on on May 17, with BARFTH and Pagan Powers.

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