By Curtis Hendricks
On Friday, May 10, 2013, I attended the Rancho Mirage High School (RMHS) open house. The campus is the most beautiful and spacious campus in the valley. My lucky daughter will be attending RMHS making her part of the first freshman class. Entering the school I was stunned by the huge courtyard. After I was finished observing the surroundings, it took me a moment or two before I realized I was not on a college campus. Students will enjoy an enclosed two story classroom building with state of the art equipment and supplies. The gymnasium has a full basketball court that easily converts into a volleyball court, and the bleachers are some of the highest I have seen for accommodating large crowds. The media building was still closed, but the size of the media building let me believe that whatever was inside had the makings of something wonderful.
RMHS boasts about their focus on the performing arts and the culinary arts. Walking into the theater is like walking into a mini McCallum Theatre. The audience can hold up to 600 attendances. The stage is huge and can be compared to the McCallum Theater. I know because I have performed on the McCallum Theater. Hidden behind the stage exists a full carpentry shop for set building and other activities. The final location at RMHS worth noting is the culinary arts building. The Kitchen is something off of the Food Network Channel. Fully functional with state of the art equipment, the culinary arts building has a student run restaurant connected to the kitchen. With the kitchen and restaurant, the students learn about all aspects of the food industry. RMHS also plans on using the restaurant as a fundraiser for the students to serve the public during after school hours.
RMHS has greatly impressed me with all of their facilities and technologies made available to their future students. I wish the best for this school. RMHS seems to be a model school for the rest of our valley.