By Bronwyn Ison

Our lives are in constant motion with little time to accomplish relevant, beneficial, self- perpetuating tasks.  We are easily distracted with work and family responsibilities.  We become tangled in the minutia.  As we reflect upon our lives, most of us have one or more regrets.  Researching what humans most often regret may also coincide to your regrets in life.

Most people are a slave to their career.  The truth be known, most people regret not taking more time to be with family and friends.  Balancing career, family and friends is not easy.  Staying late at the office one night and believing you will make up the time with your family usually is folly.  The “making up” usually does not happen.

Romance tops the list of most regrets.  Releasing or being let go by the love of your life often leaves “what if” thoughts swirling in our minds.  Many contemplate what could have been.  Marriages that did not work are often regrets people feel and wish they could have resolved.

Many of us are living a life our parents wanted us to live rather than aspiring for our own life goals.  This is related to a lack of self-confidence and we were merely drawn to a life that we thought would make our parents happy. Ten to twenty years slip by and we reminisce, “Who’s life am I living?”

Professionally many of us do not take risks.  We fear if we truly go for what we want we’ll either fail or be turned down.  Attempting to fulfill your ultimate goals will give you greater self-confidence regardless.  At least you will always know you tried no matter the outcome.  Remember, if you tried, you will always posses the experience that no one can take from you.

Our inner voice speaks to us daily.  Often people regret not listening to that voice.  Whether it is as simple as making a right hand turn versus a left, or as complex as choosing a high paying job versus a position you love, but make less money.  We neglect listening to the little yet powerful voice within us.

Parents often regret not spending enough time with their children.  Children desire quality and quantity time.  They feel loved and worthy of whom they are.  This is often more of a struggle for single parents who balance a career.  It is important to balance your time with your children so they know how meaningful they are to you.

Often our health suffers because we do not take the time to exercise or eat properly.  It isn’t until later we regret not eating a proper diet or engaging in a regular exercise regimen. I’ve always recognized that without my health, I have nothing.  Honor your body.

While our list of regrets is abundant you have the power to make changes in your life.  Commence living the life you have always wanted and take care of you.

Bronwyn Ison, Owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA(9642)