By Tracy Dietlin

Designer Jim Mullin of JM Couture showcased his amazing designs last week during Fashion Week on El Paseo, where later this Spring he will open his flagship boutique. Mullin, originally from Chicago, partnered with the Saxony Group and decided to open his store here in the desert and start in a smaller market versus LA, NY or San Francisco.

After his show I asked him a few questions.

CVW: So how does this line relate with the desert woman and the store you’re opening on El Paseo?


JM: I’m all about fabric and the way it hugs the body. I love silk. I love satin, sequins, stones, and in this collection there’s a lot of lace. I really have a passion for lace and I like to layer fabrics with it.

CVW: I noticed you had one piece that had fur and another with bright bold colors that were a bit different from the others.

JM: Well I want to stand out. I’m new here to the Coachella Valley and I want to be different from all the other stores on El Paseo. And I want people to come in and hang out with me. We’re building a beautiful store on El Paseo and I want everyone to be able to feel what it is like to be on the runway when they come in to the store.

All photos by Laura Hunt Little

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